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Current Report

Aug. 27, 2016

Slow goin this afternoon but still getting a bite every 15-20 minutes and with a lot of it around were hanging tight picking one off here and there on light line and the kite so hoping they wake up here soon


Well miss Texas strikes again this time with one of these 80# class Bluefin on 30# test nice job JT hard work pays off. Nate here with the assist


Curtis with a nice one on his 20# set up
Preston with more quality yellowfin here. There biting a little bit with a lot around the boat this mid morning so we will take the pick bite over no bite any day. But for the amount around you'd think they'd be a little more eager maybe when the current picks up it might get better.
Derek Waldman


Curtis with a token yellowtail here


Tom and Nick with a couple more
Chad and JT aka miss Texas with a couple

Johnny and Craig


Jake and Omar with a pair of 25# yellowfin


Evan with a bft


Bloody but yummy he says


Well folks young John Oldenkamp got a mini cow here... Tough morning with few bites on these baby giants but everyone is having a good time with them so we're saving the bigger ones for later
Derek Waldman

Good morning folks today is way different then a few days ago out here we've got 4 for the morning so far all 12-15# ers so hopefully the big ones come through soon
Derek Waldman

Aug. 26, 2016

Good afternoon anglers. We left today on our annual Oldenkamp 3 day with a good load of bait and good weather we're hoping to get into something before sunset here. Wish us luck
Derek Waldman

Aug. 26, 2016

Larry Brown 5 day Jack pots are as follows:
1st place goes to Jim Las sake with a 153.8# Bluefin tuna
2nd place goes to Phil Bell with a 147.8# Bluefin tuna
3rd place goes to Steve Flannagan with a 125# Bluefin tuna
4th place in place of the trolling jackpot goes to Brian White with a 91# Bluefin tuna and the winner of the coveted Red Rooster III jacket...
Thanks again guys for an epic trip and thanks to Larry for supplying all the donations and raffle prizes. Can't wait till next year!
Derek Waldman

Aug. 25, 2016

Another great end to a great trip with beautiful quality
Bluefin today and I think 4 of them will top out over 100#s.

Thanks again Larry for putting on a great trip
and all the raffle prizes and donations.

To everyone at home we will be returning to the dock at
7:00 am tomorrow morning
Derek Waldman



Very good morning here gang with only a few heart breaks but a 90% hook to land ratio I'd call it on these beautiful 70-90# Bluefin with one topping the scales about 130#




Aug. 24, 2016

Had a good day today on these nice quality yellows and are moving up the line to get into position for some tuna for tomorrow, hopefully we get a little hit in the morning. It's a little bumpy on the ride up here but we should be there about 5 am wish us luck
Derek Waldman
We're keeping a few on the line this morning seems we keep at least one to four goin so far
I forgot to throw up Larry with his jig fish yesterday he wanted to thank JRl lures for this magic jig of his .... We won't say how he lost it later on but I've got to say I've known Larry for over 15 years and he's become quite the jig fisherman lately so I'm proud of him he's come a long way. Right on Larry!

Good morning guys and girls the signal last night was intermittent so had to wait till this morning for last night's closing reports. .. well after a slow morning it picked up about ten o'clock and a good day turned into an epic day of good grade yellowtail fishing. With most fish between 18-25# we got some bigger standouts mixed in. We had a lull from about 1:30 to 3:30 then had steady action till about 6:30 so we're hoping that that be the case today as well. We're going to have a couple of other boats down here with us today so hopefully everything gets spread out and everyone does good so wish us luck and maybe we might get a few more today with more pictures to follow.
Derek Waldman


Aug. 23, 2016

Things started to perk up a bit about 10 am and we've been pretty steady ever since so here's a few shots of the action today...


Good morning angler's. We have about 5 more miles to go till we reach our destination so hope to have a good report for you all mid morning



Aug. 22, 2016

But wait we do have a picture for you this evening we have chef Mike with Wahoo Modigada on a bed of spaghetti squash with Diavlo sauce and grilled zucchini.

Well not much to report this morning unfortunately. Good conditions just no yellowtail around, plenty of assorted bottom fish but not the main targeted species so on with the search

Good morning folks. We're still traveling down and will start fishing about 10 am this morning and with just a slight breez were hoping the wind stays under 10 knots and there's a few yellows around so it's a bit chilly outside at the moment nothing a little turkey avocado benidict can't fix! Wish us luck
Derek Waldman

Aug. 21, 2016

And the grand prize with these awesome refrigerator donated by Anheuser-Busch went to Sal Tocco. Way to go Sal! !!!
Thanks Larry for a great start to our trip let's try to keep the ball rolling with some good fishing tomorrow. And for the record this year we reached a new record of 2,160 $ donated towards the raffle prizes that's goin to:
Friends Of Rollo...
Chuck Byron art of fishing for kids and veterans fishing programs.
Awesome guys thank you for stepping up and keeping the bar high !
And a quick thanks to all the Sponsors for donating for our trip thanks guys everything is really appreciated!!!!!




Aug. 21, 2016

1st place Brandon Keel 40.0# wahoo
2nd place Dave Allan 39.7# wahoo
3rd place Jacob Bene with a 39.4# wahoo
Trolling JP goes to Paul Oster 59.9#wahoo

Aug. 20, 2016

We had a slow ride up last night and headed for home .Broke down the gear and scrubbed the boat before lunch. We will be in a little late. About 8:00 tomorrow morning

Aug. 19, 2016

We checked out a few other areas on the way up and now running up for another stop before dark

Aug. 18, 2016

It was a wahoo of a day.

Aug. 17, 2016

Roger with a nice wahoo. Tomorrow we will be targeting wahoo and hopefully have a nice day.  We will be on the grounds after breakfast.  Weather is going to be nice.


We picked off a few wahoo and with the current starting to flow were are hoping this afternoon the tuna bite.

Aug. 16, 2015

Roger says hi! to his buddy Mike Butler

We had a real nice morning on these quality yellows

After 1030 we had had enough and continued to head south

Aug. 15, 2016

Good morning folks. We left on the Barnnet/Izorline 7 day yesterday. We have been traveling this morning and might make a quick stop on the way down. Flat calm weather and a nice load of bait. So far so good