Richard Hightower

Tackle Sales Manager

Red Rooster III Charters


I represent the following fishing tackle companies, listed below:

1.    Catchy Tackle

2.    Hayabusa (Hooks & Bait Rigs) -

3.  Seaguar (Fluorocarbon Leaders)

There will be giveaways & drawing of product listed above, along with shirts and hats for everyone on my charters.


5 Day Charter in August

with  Richard Hightower and Larry Brown

I have some of my best charters over the past 15 years, with captain Andy Cates.  One that comes to mind, was when we caught, Bluefin, Yellowfin, Bigeye, Albacore and Yellowtail all in the same day.


8 To 10 Day Charters

This charter is my favorite trip, because of the variety of fish that we catch. Listed below, are some the different species, that we have the opportunity to catch:

1.    Bigeye

2.    Dorado

3.    Grouper

4.    Wahoo

5.    Yellowfin

6.    Yellowtail

My goal on this charters,  is to catch a Wahoo over 100#, on a casting lure or a bomb.  I know that they are there, thats why I keep coming back.