Chuck Barnett Charter


Hello Iím Chuck Barnett.  I have been heading up the Barnett Family Charter with lots of help from family and friends for over 20 years. We were on the Qualifier 105 for many great years, and then had the good fortune to find room on the Red Rooster III. The past few years we have enjoyed Capt. Andy and the great crew, as well as the boat, staterooms, and gourmet food. The cheerful office folks make the details a breeze.


Our group of mostly Ventura County anglers has kids and old men, experts and rookies, but all fun, even tempered folks. Most of the experts enjoy helping the kids and rookies as much as catching a fish. We have a core group that look foreword to going every year and others who rotate in when they can. We occasionally have openings. Feel free to contact me any time.