My name is  Coach Clark! I have been the charter master on this 8-day trip for 14 years! Originally called “Coach’s Beefer” Jorge Nicifore was a chef for the Red Rooster III for many years. Jorge’s last trip aboard the Red Rooster III was this 8-day trip in 2007. We have honored Jorge’s 35 Years of cooking aboard the RR III by dedicating this trip to Jorge’s remembrance. Every year his Family comes up from Mexico, and we donate fish to them.

We have had some great catches on this trip like last year! For instance we caught 450 Yellowtail; we then moved further down The Ridge and got on 2 schools of Tuna! The first day we caught 340 YFT, 25-98 lbs, the second day we finished off out limits of YFT, the fishing great!!

At this time of year we have had some nice catches of Wahoo at the Rocks & the Ridge. On a side note, one year we caught 3 Bluefin over 200lbs! All in all this trip has been very successful!

“This is one of the longest and strongest Charters that we have on the Red Rooster III!”— Captain Andy Cates

When we are traveling, we play cards, domino’s cribbage etc, and have poker tournaments! 
Come on out and fish with us on this trip! You will have a great time!  Call the Red Rooster III office, and talk to Christina or Linda!

If you would like to contact me, my email is

(619) 224-3857 Email:

Happy fishing!