Mike McVey works as a Wildlife Biologist and waterfowl hunting guide out of Tule lake Ca. passionate about all things outdoors, especially hunting and fishing

"I Got the long range bug about 6 years ago after going on my first 4 day trip on the Rooster- was tired of not being able to fish the off shore tuna grounds of northern Ca. and southern Or. because of the crappy weather/rough seas we experience up here. Fishing on the Red Rooster III out of San Diego no longer means spending your vacation time in the Harbor 'WAITING' to see if the water will cooperate!!!!! Tanks full of bait, an exceptional boat and crew with safety at the utmost concern leaves all the worrying and waiting behind, nothing to do but fish, relax and enjoy your vacation!"

The advantages of going on trip # 2 the second 8 day trip of spring/summer are as follows:

1. The variety 8 days affords you - species of fish/areas fished/ and fishing techniques is unsurpassed on trips that are shorter and occurring at different times in the year.

2. Species of fish- Albacore, Bluefin, and Yellowfin Tuna - Yellowtail, Group/bottom dwellers, Calico Bass.

With an opportunity for Dorado and Wahoo!!!

3. Areas fished- Offshore/open ocean, kelp paddies, Alijos Rocks, The Ridge, Cedros and Benitos, and the beach islands as well

4. Fishing Techniques- Live bait flylining, Trolling, Dropper loop, Kite fishing, Throwing iron, yoyo and night fishing.

5. Perfect size fish for table fair and all ages of anglers

6. Weather is fantastic that time of year- not to hot!!!!

7. Come home just in time to have the best 4th of July fresh fish bbq ever!!!!

8. Low key fun bunch of anglers who are more than happy to help everyone enjoy THEIR vacation!!!- no asshats!!!!!

9. Some nice raffle item

Contact info would be best at: alwaysoutdoors@hotmail.com