Introduction to Long-Range Fishing


If you have always wanted to try your hand at long-range fishing but never had the opportunity due to not having all the right gear, or the right equipment, or even the needed budget, here is your chance!!


The Red Rooster III will have all the rental gear you will need, a full terminal tackle store, kidney harness, rod holders, the kite set-up, trolling outfits, and best of all, the  price for the trip is nearly 40% cheaper than your regular 5-day trip!


This trip has been put together to give up- and-coming Anglers an opportunity to try their hand at long-range fishing without breaking the bank! What better way to get your feet wet!


There will be seminars during your travel to the fishing grounds, and you can be sure that starting with the  Captain all the way down to each deckhand, you will be taken care of and assisted in all the areas under the umbrella of long-range fishing!


If this trip sounds like a trip for you, give us a call at the Red Rooster III! Phone: (619) 224-3857 or Email: