My name is Mark Moffat. I have been fishing since I was 8 years old, and started working on the "Fisherman 3" at the age of 10, and advanced through the ranks to eventfully become the charter master on  long-range trips. I am a fireman by trade.


Originally put together as an Ernie Wirth "A.S.S. (Associated Sportfishing Systems) Charter", this trip  has long since had the reputation of  being  known to be one of the most memorable trips of the year, producing many results of incredible fishing & nostalgia! It  is a unique trip as a handful of anglers are some of the original fisherman that have been going  for many years. Put together as a chartered trip to bring anglers together that can have fun, get along well for 15 days, and also catch some BIG fish.  One of the luster's to this trip is that it is a limited load charter, with only a total of 20 anglers.  

I also wanted to give credit where credit is due. The respect & appreciation that I have for those who have not only been mentors but also given me guidance throughout the  years, have since benefited me as a fisherman,  and a better charter master. 
I would like to Thank: Ben Kita, Charles Tanaka, Ross Wheeler, Bill Wirth, for the instruction of the craft to long range fishing. Linda Palm & Christina Weiler for their support. Last but not least, a very  BIG THANK YOU to the crew for without the elite team of the Red Rooster III, our long range experience would not be as successful.



If you would like to contact me, please email me at

Or call the Red Rooster III office for inquiries at (619) 224-3857 or email