Calstar Sponsored 6-day Red Rooster 3

Trip #20 (Sep 25 – Oct 1)


I am Gary Teraoka and a pro staff for Accurate reels, Izorline and Calstar rods.  I run sponsored trips for all three manufactures and I am involved in the development of new or updated products for each company.  As such, I am constantly making updates to existing equipment and am always trying out new equipment.  My association with Accurate, Izorline and Calstar is voluntary as my real job is a Aerospace Engineer for the past 40 years.  My background is Aeronautical Engineering with a specialty in Mechanics and Aero Structures.


With this trip being a Calstar sponsored trip, I will be bringing several "loaner Calstar rods" for the passengers to borrow during the trip.  I tend to own the latest reels from Accurate and most of the development rods from Calstar so there is always something new being checked out on all of my trips.  If the new equipment looks promising, I even let the passengers try out the development equipment so I can provided the manufactures even more feedback.  


I have a number of additional fishing equipment companies support my trips, such as Salas Lures, Swifty Mfg., Baja Fish Gear Tackle Shop, Maui Jim Sunglasses, Izoline fluorocarbon, Mustad hooks, etc.  I give away swag from these companies and I have a daily prize for the largest fish of the day.  I give out a custom made Calstar acrylic trophy for the largest fish of the trip (you do not have to be in the boat jackpot but you do have to try out a Calstar rod sometime during the trip).  


I am also the developer of the "nub" connections using nail knots.  I will be able to show everyone how to make the "cleaniest" hollow insertion connections (solid spectra to fluorocarbon).  My answer to the question of “which knot do you use”, I don’t use a knot because they are all too bulky and less than 100% strength. I use a short piece of 60# hollow Izorline spectra as a transition piece between the solid spectra and the fluorcarbon.  I have a description and photos of my "nub" connection on my Accurate web blog.  Please move to the earliest postings to see this connection.  The other postings are trip reports from past trips that I have run for Accurate, Izorline and Calstar.  To find my blog on the web, go to;  go to the pull down menu called "Fishing" and click on the 6th item (Long Range Fishing with Gary Teraoka).  The direct path is:


Thank you for your interest in my Calstar Sponsored 6-day trip Sept 25 - Oct 1, 2015 on the Red Rooster 3.

Gary Teraoka