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November 2006

Nov. 1st, 2006

Good morning folks.
After a nice Halloween with the kids we are back out in search of fish. 10 days this time ,so the hurricane bank is out but the variety on the beach and prospect of lower banks sounds good. Today is a travel and rigging day and fishing tomorrow for yellows on the beach. We are on a day to day schedule and the focus for the fist couple is variety.
We will report again tomorrow.
Andy Cates

Nov. 3rd, 2006

Good morning folks.
We worked our way down the beach with the highlight being bait fishing. All the spots we tried for yellows offered small yellows and Bonito. The weather was tough as well with 18 knots throughout the day. This morning we are at the upper end of the ridge with a few wahoo and action on small tuna and yellows.
the weather is a little better here today which is a positive note
We will report again tomorrow.
Andy Cates

Nov. 6th, 2006

Good afternoon folks. After a day on the ridge catching and releasing mostly small tuna and yellows, with only 5 wahoo. We proceeded down to the lower banks in hopes of big tuna. 15 to 35 pound fish was the best we could do. And it was a scratch fishing situation. Short stops all morning with one last stop to end the day. A let down for what we had in mind.
Today we are offshore looking for kelps. We have 9 wahoo and 63 nice size dorado for the day we still have plenty of time for that big kelp so we are still in search of. We will report again tomorrow
Andy Cates

Nov. 8th, 2006

Good morning folks. We spent another day offshore and had good results on good size Dorado and wahoo. Once we got on a good line of kelps it was one after another. Steady fishing right up until dark. Lots of chances on Wahoo that left us with 14 for the day and 85 18 to 30 pound dorado.
Today we are up at Cedros looking for yellows. The weather is still flat calm, but it looks like that will change soon.
Andy Cates

Nov. 10th, 2006

We finally got our jackpot fish, yesterday caught 21 tuna 30-100lbs and another ten today 30-60lbs left Guadalupe this morning heading back, weather is quite nice, better then they expected. They will try and be in port by 8.30am





FISH COUNT:     131 YELLOWFIN, 27   WAHOO, 175  DORADO & 260 YELLOWTAIL                   




Nov. 12th 2006

Good morning folks. We left yesterday on the Accurate 11 day fly home.

The reports came out slow the last few days because of poor signal. Common for when we are at Guadalupe. Things should be more consistent down the beach, as far as reports go. We will do our best to stay in touch.

A travel day today, seminars and rigging will take up for most of today and starting tomorrow in the kelp area for wahoo and dorado.

We will report again tomorrow.

Andy Cates

Nov. 13th, 2006

Good evening folks. Tough day on the kelps with only 10 wahoo for the day. Releasing dorado throughout the day gave a little more action. A lot of kelps throughout the day so there weren't very many dry spells just a lack of wahoo. Moving down the beach tonight and outside Mag bay in hope of some tuna action for tomorrow
Andy Cates

Nov. 14th, 2006

Good morning folks. Yesterday was another long day offshore . We started in the big tuna grounds which is seeming to be the small tuna ground with porpoise schools with fish from 20 to 40 pounds.
The day before yesterday we had some spectacular dorado fishing and a great show on marlin. Today we are anchored up in hopes of decent size tuna on one of the bottom end Banks. So far nothing but it is early
Andy Cates

Nov. 17th, 2006

Good morning folks. Yesterday turned out to be great. As far as school size fish on porpoise the action doesn't get much better. Most of the fish 30 to 40 pounds with some smaller to 22 pounds and a few bigger up to 65 pounds. The Accurate Boss real was won for the biggest fish. Another reel up for Grabs here today. With all the life down here we are in search for the bigger fish with great weather we have the conditions to do it.

Nov. 22nd, 2006

Good morning folks, We spent the last couple of days below Cabo looking for porpoise that may hold big tuna. One day around the Gordo bank and yesterday starting on the Finger Bank and working down. Not much at the Finger so we headed down and found aquarium style tuna fishing on those 22 to 45 pound tuna. We finished off the day with more action on that size fish.  After covering so much water in search of biting big fish things seem a little grim. Although occasionally there is sign of big ones they just won't bite.
None the less with limits of tuna and dorado and some decent wahoo , with what was available we did well. Lots of looking and hard work to come up with a catch of decent fish. We will be leaving Cabo today after dropping off the people and heading up.
Andy Cates

Nov. 25th, 2006

Good morning folks. We left yesterday on our annual 16 day fly home hurricane bank trip, Sponsored by Rod and Reel Radio and Ringed hooks.com.
We had a great giveaway last night and are on our way. The bait receivers had great sardines and a couple of boxes of Spanish mackerel as well. after a couple stops for squid we should be in good shape. It will be a party heading down this year with 4 boats converging on the bank all on the same schedule. So much for just the 2 boats as it has been for the last 12 years. Hopefully the bank can sustain. The 6 mile buffer zone at all the Islands may be a worthy option with the crowd.
We will report again tomorrow.
Andy Cates

Nov. 26th, 2006

Another day of travel. Not much to report, rigging up for tuna today and still headed down to the bank. The weather is getting better and starting to heat up , but still a long ways from tropical.
I am sure tomorrow will be different. We will try and report as we go. We will be at the bank tomorrow night to get in what we hope is a good start. We will report again tomorrow.
Andy Cates

Nov. 29th, 2006

Good morning folks, Yesterday was a bit of a shock with a lot of sharks in the morning. Finally they backed off and we were able to fish. 34 tuna and 14 wahoo for the day and nothing over 200 pounds. Nice grade of fish, up to 190 pounds.

So far this morning we do not have the sharks and mostly the stock grade fish with the exception of one about 185. Hopefully we get a shot at some big ones today the conditions are good for this spot.

Andy Cates

Nov. 30th, 2006

Good morning folks. Not good here so far this morning. Very little sign of fish and only a couple of wahoo and small tuna for our efforts. Yesterday provided action on wahoo and tuna with 25 tuna and 28 wahoo all on the anchor. No big ones for us again, biggest fish about 190 pounds.
Why we are not getting any chances at big is anybody's guess. We will give this spot a little longer only because of the action we had yesterday.
Andy Cates