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January 2006

Jan. 5th, 2006

The first day of a 15 day trip brought us great weather with no wind and calm seas. We are on our way down and will be fishing the day after tomorrow. Today was spent with seminars and rigging up. A short stop tomorrow for bait and then down to the grounds.
We will report again tomorrow. Andy Cates

Jan. 6th

Good evening folks.
After a stop for bigger bait we will be heading to the grounds . We will be there first thing in the morning. The ocean is like a lake. Flat calm. The reports from the area are good and hope to continue. Tomorrow will be our first of 10 days of fishing. Hopefully we start off with a bang.
Andy Cates

Jan. 7th

Good evening folks.
Our first day of fishing was a huge surprise. One of the best days we have seen. The typical beautiful grade of fish we have been getting . The topper was the amount of big fish. 29 fish estimated over 200 pounds for the day and another 40 fish from 160 to 199. Flat calm weather and great fishing. We are hoping for another nice day tomorrow. Trip sponsors include Catchy Tackle and Pelagic clothing . We have dirtied up the clothes and still hoping for a chance to use the lures.
We will report again tomorrow.
Andy Cates

Jan. 9th
Good morning folks. Yesterday we released any fish that looked to be less than 200 pounds. It's hard to tell until they get on the deck. We ended up with 8 tuna well over the 200 pound mark and another 3 fish real close. Emerald Argonza landed the big fish for the day One that estimated 285 pounds. . We kept 14 fish and release another 15 fish throughout the day. So far this morning Bob Michner has the big one at 272 . We will report again tomorrow.
Andy Cates

Jan. 9th

Good evening folks. The day could not have gone much better. The weather laid back down to no wind and just a little swell. The great fishing continued with an exceptional day on Quality. An all day drift that brought 10 fish from 225 to 285  and three others from 204 to 220.. There were three fish in the 270 pound range and one at 283. Fred Knilans landed the big fish the 283, Dennis Rogers with a 270 , Tim Ivy with a 256 . Mike Deppe, Gary Rogers, Ray Broders , Ted Kirkbride and a few others also had personals bests.
The drift produced mostly big ones with only having to release about 12 fish throughout the day.
tonight we are looking for bait and then heading back out to the grounds. With only enough room for 15 more fish we are going to have to be very selective. These big fish take up a lot of fish hold space. We will report again tomorrow.
Andy Cates

Jan 11th

Good evening folks. Yesterday was a bit slower although some nice big fish were landed. We kept 8 fish for the day the two biggest were a 258 and a 253. Only room for a few more fish, and we are going to make sure they are the right ones. With 5 days left of fishing we have plenty of time for things to pick back up. Hopefully today we get a few chances at big ones.
Andy Cates

Jan. 12th

Good evening folks. The last two days have been pretty tough for us .A little change in our luck has put us on the wrong schools. Either smaller fish or good size fish that don't bite or do not stick around.
Long nights of bait making have also turned the last nights into a lot of work. Although we have been off the big fish, tomorrow is another day. For only looking for a few more fish it sure has been tough the last two days. Hopefully tomorrow that  changes.
Andy Cates

Jan. 13th

Good evening folks. After 2 days of looking we fond  a spot of bigger fish that would stay with us. We boated 5 fish, 3 of which estimated over 200 and two that looked close but were not. That finished us off. We are going to take advantage of the good weather and work up the line looking for variety. Yellowtail and grouper are the targeted fish. It looks like we will have a chance to do skiff trips for bass and other inshore catch and release fish as well. We may start that tomorrow in Santa Maria Bay and then again up at Cedros.
We will report again tomorrow
Andy Cates

Jan. 15th

Good evening folks. Today worked out pretty good. We managed to stay out of the weather and stay busy all day catching nice grade yellowtail. We moved up to the Turtle bay area anticipating the wind and swell and are going to fish here again tomorrow.
We are trying to time it so this storm blows through before we head home. So as we speak it is flat calm inside the bay. We will report again tomorrow.
Andy Cates

ETA will be @ 8:00 AM  Thursday the 19th

Jan. 19th

CAPTAIN:                   ANDY CATES



PASSENGERS:            23





                                  EMERALD ARGONZA OF MONTCLAIRE, CA



                                   FRED KNILIANS OF TUSTKIN, CA



                                  DENNIS ROGERS OF NEW PORT, CA



KEN DAVIS             

203.9, 237 MIKE DEPPE 280.8,266.2, 225.2,201
BOB MITCHENER     270,248,245,234, 203, 200.9, 200.8 TIM IVEY 246.4,229.4,226,210.6
MARK KAZMAC 244.5, 235.6,233,201 GARY GRIMAUD



243,200.2 HOWARD CUMBERLEDGE 252.5

235, 200

ARCHI IRONS 228.9, 214.5

272.7, 236.4, 223.6,200

VERN BROWN 223,201.5, 212.5
FRED KNILANS 250.8 223.6,220.4,212 SCOTT SMITH 212.4, 222
DENNIS ROGERS 282.1,  215.3, 207 EMERALD ATGONZA 230.2 204

232.5, 205,201.5



Jan 24th,
John Grabowski asked for us to post an update as there was some difficulty in sending an email report. He will try to send one again later in the evening when hopefully the signal is stronger. IN the meantime here is his update.

The ride down was absolute beautiful, the weather amazingly perfect, sunshine and a nice soft breeze to go with it. They did the usual, with going over techniques and getting rigged up. They stopped at Mag Bay for some additional bait. Then headed down to the Baja banks.

They arrived at the banks the other day and reports that it has been a bit slow as the water has cooled down to the low 60's. They did get a few Cows a 240,230 and a 215 . They will probably try one more day or so and if it's still slow they will head further down to warmer waters. The weather continues to be just great so that is a plus.
We will repost again as soon as we can.

Jan. 27th,

I just spoke to the Captain this afternoon and he asked me to post another update. Just so you know  we have not spoken to or received a report from the boat since the last time I posted. No one is slacking off or holding back reports we simply did not get any ourselves. We are still having difficulty with the email sending reports.
The problem is that the boat is now down at Hurricane bank where the signal and reception are already minimal on top of the low signal we already have and you need a real strong signal to email reports. The Captain said he doesn't think he will be able to send any reports for the rest of this trip but will call  and give me one whenever he can get through. So please be patient we are doing all we can.
Report: The boat is now at Hurricane Bank they arrived there Thursday at about 6;00 in the morning and the fishing  has been GREAT!   We are hitting nice schools of 120- 275 lb tuna.
Today's top fish/ Anglers so far is a 275 lb tuna caught by Kirk Agnitsch he is followed close behind by Ed Schhenstra now has a 270 lb and then we have Lee Putman who not only has a 270 to tie but also has a 243lb and 230lb under his belt.
They have also had about 20 wahoo on Thursday and another 16 today so  for those of you who were crossing their fingers for some tasty Wahoo looks like you'll be getting some.
That is all the report for now, the next report will most likely be Monday as we aren't in the office on the weekends. -RRIII Office

Jan. 29th,

We just received a Sat Phone call from the vessel.  The weather at Hurricane Bank was excellent today. Looks like they have 31 fish over 200 lbs. with 6 of those being 270 to 290lbs. The average fish is about 160-190 lbs. They have room for about a dozen more fish.  They will depart from the bank on Monday evening. If you are in the San Diego area on Saturday morning drop by the landing and check out our catch.

Jan. 31st,

The last evening at the Bank produced another 6 or 7 fish over 200 lbs. We will be arriving at Alijos Rocks this morning. The weather has been excellent coming up hill and we have a little space left in our hole for maybe some smaller units.  So we will scout around the Rocks and see what biting.