The Red Rooster III Team



Andy Cates was born and lived San Diego, CA. his entire life.  Andy has been around the fishing industry since he was very young, as his father owned his own Sportfishing boat, but has since retired. Andy’s first job/deckhand gig was when he was just 7 years old when his dad put him to work on a commercial boat for 3 days, and as they say, the rest is history. Andy has been the Captain exclusively for the Red Rooster III since 1997.Before working for the Red Rooster III as a Captain, Andy worked  for the New Lo-an (owned by his father), then went on to be a deck hand for the Red Rooster III, while John Grabowski was Captain. Andy has many skills and techniques which he has acquired throughout the many years he has been Captain for the Red Rooster III.  During his down time  Andy  enjoys being with his 2 kids, rooting for them who are active in the San Diego Yacht club sailing program. Captain Cates is an avid Surfer, snowboarder, & also loves to take his paddle board out to catch some gnarly waves!

Tom Ferrari was born in Butler, NJ.  He started as a deckhand in 2006 at the age of 20. Before working for the Red Rooster III, he worked as a deckhand on the Constitution. He has been working on the Rooster for 5 years, and has since gotten his Captains license. When asked what he liked most working aboard the Rooster his response was, “Helping where needed, whether it is with Anglers, or with my own co workers….”
When Tom is not working on the Red Rooster III, he enjoys taking care of his fresh water Aquarium that he has at home, Shooting guns (trapped pigeons), traveling extensively  in the United States or abroad. He has already been to Costa Rica, Argentina, France, Switzerland, and of course many different states across the Country……he also enjoys being with his GF.

Derek Waldmen was born in San Diego, CA on June 1, 1983. In the mid 90’s Derek started working as a deckhand on the Dolphin. He has since worked on the Polaris Supreme, the Excel, and now as a Second Captain aboard the Red Rooster III.  The Red Rooster III was looking to fill a spot for a Second Captain position not too long ago, and Captain Andy Cates had heard some very good things about Derek. He is very dedicated, loyal, & hard working at whatever duties put before him! Although Derek has not been working very long aboard the Red Rooster III, Derek has shown adaptability and willingness to learn and attain the many different tasks that are required of a Captain! When Derek is not working aboard the Red Rooster III, he enjoys surfing, fishing with his buddies, & Hot Rods!


Fernando Calleros was born Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico. Fernando first began as a deck hand in 1987 for the Red Rooster III at the age of 20. After taking a few years off, he returned to work for the Red Rooster operation, and has since, exclusively worked for the Red Rooster III. One of the hardest working deckhands the Rooster  has ever seen, Fernando also has a great sense of humor which many of the passengers and coworkers appreciate especially when things get a little rough out at sea.
When Fernando is not working aboard the Red Rooster III, enjoys
being home with his Wife and  Kids, camping, eating out, & holiday events. Fernando loves listening to Classical music such as Mozart, Bach, Beethoven, Handel, etc. One of his favorite foods to eat he says is Carnitas!
Chapman Murphy was born in San Diego. Chapman has started cooking back when he was just 13 years old. He has worked as a cook for the International Star, Old Venice, and now works full time aboard the Red Rooster III. When asked what he can cook the best his response, “I can cook anything!”  Over all he has been a cook for 8 years. When Chapman is not working aboard the Red Rooster III, he enjoys Surfing both locally and in Hawaii, skin diving, and a relaxing social get together!